I Shall Survive – Poem by Abdul Basit Ismail Isn’t there time for everything? living in night of terror, When fear and grieve is deeply flying in the darkness of the skies. Yet i shall survive. Wondrous scenes happen in favor of the distressed. But the wicked does not notify. This happens wondrously by nature. They have no axe to grind. Beating human to resemble the slaughtering of sheep. I shall survive. Their bloody tears is full of anger and rage. Their sweat displays agony and pain. Scars and wound promises action. Heart filled with hatred. They must walk on egg shell to prevent flaming fist. Cos, the warpath of nature will rise to the extend of upsetting the apple cart. Abdul Basit Ismail


Cork It Up – Poem by Abdul Basit Ismail It’s time we stop this game. Which has no distinct name. Than the already made. Such distressful and shame. Why don’t you lower your gaze? When you proclaiming, am a male. Just avoid the stain. Cos, everyone has an aim. Why don’t you stop this spade. Which always makes the heart to blaze. Don’t forget about your ape. Who will surely bite from the same cake. Not even your mate. This soo strange. Why can’t you brake this cane? Into RESPECT ATTAINMENTS AIMS ACHIEVEMENTS PERCEPTIONS STUNNING GREAT ESSENTIALS SUPPORTING But rather REVOKING BLOOD RAGE AMBITIONS SHUTTING DOWN PUNISHING THE GUILTY EXECUTING HUMAN RIGHT why? close that gate It is a dirty way. Don’t shake The same day But try to make A new base That will sail on the lake To spain. That’s the world’s aim.

The diminishing doom

The faction based on realistic fact is fortuitous.

Precluding from the problems of reality is to focus on the oranges you are carrying and not the snakes crawling beneath you.

To be overcome by a disorder does not mean you are not liable of kicking the flaming ball.

The ravening clouds shall not long stay.

The mysterious happen when hard work prevail.

To be awarded with the platinum,  then you have to stand firm in hard times and focus on your goal no matter what happens.

The winner always smile cos he has been able to overcome sad and difficult moments.

You can curtail the darkness when you love to overcome your weakness.

The doom becomes  ugly and darker when fear and laziness have made room in you.

Bumbling around the bushy bush.

Do not be bullish cos such act is a burmer.

Try  to be a spartan of your life.

yes a top notch spartan.

A spartan to the end of time.

cling to your aspirations to reach the climactic victory.